‘Modern Family’ Young Star Sarah Hyland Has Been Urgently Hospitalized

June 27, 2019 13:26

Modern Family young star Sarah Hyland had to cancel all her latest appearances due to the health issues. The actress was urgently hospitalized again.

Sarah Hyland: health update

Sarah Hyland is back to the hospital due to health struggles. The 28-year-old Modern Family star shares the latest update on her current condition.

Sarah said she was “torn from work against my will” to deal with her health. The young actress suffers from a condition called kidney dysplasia.

Hyland was first diagnosed with kidney disease as a kid. In 2012, the actress underwent a kidney transplant surgery.

Sarah said she wouldn’t get over this tough period without her beloved family’s support. By the way, it was her dad who gave Sarah his kidney.

The actress got emotional, saying:

You know that family is always going to be there for you — no matter what. 

In an interview with Seventeen, Hyland confessed that when she was born, doctors told her mother she wouldn’t have a normal life due to many health issues.

Sarah added she feels grateful for her parents for always being here for her at the hardest moments.

We wish Sarah a rapid recovery and will keep you aware of the actress’ health updates.