She Thinks She Is Kim Kardashian?! Piers Morgan Slams Meghan Markle For $3.05 Million Home Renovation

June 26, 2019 13:57

Piers Morgan compared Meghan Markle with Kim Kardashian for her eye-watering $3.05 million home renovation. Piers claims the Duchess should cut down her “extravagant lifestyle” if she doesn’t want to have problems with taxpayers.

Does she think she is Kim Kardashian?

The Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan speaks out again as he is obviously not satisfied with Meghan Markle’s behavior as a royal. What did Meghan do wrong this time?

Earlier this week, it was revealed how much money the Sussexes spent for Frogmore Cottage renovation. According to the Sovereign Grant's report, Meghan and Harry spent at least $3.05 million for the full transformation of their home.

Following the news, Piers Morgan ‘attacked’ the Duchess for her huge expenses and “extravagant lifestyle”. The journalist even compared Meghan with Kim Kardashian in his column in Daily Mail.

Piers wrote:

Meghan wants all the Kardashian-style fame and fortune that comes with being a royal, but she wants taxpayers to support it.

And one more thing…

Morgan also accused the new mom of skipping Donald Trump’s state visit just because she “doesn’t like him.”

I wouldn’t mind so much if she didn’t then shirk important royal duties like turning out to meet the President of the United States on his state visit, just because she doesn’t like Donald Trump.

Some fans agreed with Piers Morgan

Well, we all know that Piers Morgan is not the one who will hide his true feelings if he doesn’t like something. But still, do you think his words about Meghan’s extravagant style make sense? Please share with us in the comments.