'Charlie's Angels' Star Jaclyn Smith Is A Granny Again At 73: The First Photo Of Her Sweet Granddaughter Melts Our Hearts

April 24, 2019

The Charlie's Angels star Jaclyn Smith is over the moon as she became a grandmother for the second time at 73. In our opinion, ageless Jaclyn doesn’t look like a granny at all.

Granny again at 73

Jaclyn Smith has some great news to share with fans. One of her two children has welcomed a baby girl, making the 73-year-old actress a granny for the second time.

Smith revealed the awesome news via a sweet Instagram post. She shared a cute photo of her adorable tiny granddaughter, Olivia Rose.

The proud grandmother-of-two captioned the sweet snap:

Meet my beautiful granddaughter Olivia Rose!! Isn’t she something? I’m over the moon!

Fans gush over the sweet baby girl

@ kathleenlopiccolo

Blessings for this new little one!

@ grandmaroxy13


@ shaytay2

 So sweet and lovely


Beautiful Gift from Above, what a sweet Angel. Congrats:)) xo

Forever young Jaclyn Smith

Of course, if we didn’t know Jaclyn Smith is a grandmother of two, we would say she can still give birth to her own child one more time.

At 73, Jaclyn manages to look just as gorgeous as she used to back in the 70s when she first stole fans’ hearts in a popular series Charlie’s Angels.

The actress and her 31-year-old daughter could be sisters. It’s always nice to see when a woman in her 60 or 70 still looks attractive and feels young inside.

Our congratulations to the incredible Jaclyn Smith on her granddaughter’s birth! Little Olivia Rose is such a cutie!