Copycat Melania? Fans Noticed That Ms. Trump Completely ‘Stole’ Michelle Obama’s Style At The Queen’s Banquet

Oops! It looks like fans have just found a copycat. Social media users noticed that Melania Trump ‘stole’ Michelle Obama’s style during the state banquet with the Queen.

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Melania looks fantastic at the Queen’s banquet

President Donald Trump and his charming wife Melania are now amid their 3-day state visit in the UK. The Trumps received a warm greeting from the members of the British royal family.

On Monday evening, Her Majesty arranged a huge banquet in honor of her American guests. Melania looked truly sensational at the state dinner with the royals.

The First Lady proved her aristocratic style as she wore a spectacular silk white Dior dress teamed with stylish long white gloves.

FLOTUS made her hair in a chic up do. What can we say? It looks like Melania spent most of her life, living in the palace.

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Do we have a copycat here?

However, nothing can remain unnoticed by attentive fans. Social media users ‘attacked’ Melania for copying Michelle Obama’s style during the state banquet back in 2011.

8 years ago, Michelle also wore a sleeveless white dress teamed with long white gloves. Fans noticed that Melania even ‘stole’ Michelle’s hairdo. The only different thing in the First Ladies’ styles was that Ms. Trump wore the Dior dress, while Ms. Obama’s gown was the creation of a famous fashion designer Tom Ford.

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Fans’ comments

@ sanbedeau

Did Melania, steal Michelle Obama look, when she was At Buckingham Palace

@ big_al_perez

 @sanbedeau she steals everything from Michelle

@ lanierc36

 @sanbedeaulike she stole First Lady Michelle’s speech LOL!!

@ davidalexanderjenkins

Borrowing from Michelle Obama much! Conclusion And Michelle Obama also was in white gown and gloves in 2011 while visited Buckingham Palace

Well, it’s hard to deny the striking similarity between both First Ladies’ appearances at the Queen’s banquet. On the other hand, so what if Melania was inspired by Michelle’s look? Ms. Obama is a very stylish woman. Do you agree?