Are Americans More Excited About Baby Sussex Birth Than Britons? Experts Share Their Opinions

May 8, 2019 15:35

Harry and Meghan’s royal baby is making history as the most talked-about child of our time. But why some people think that Americans are more excited and happier about the Baby Sussex birth than Britons?

Americans are more excited?

The royal lovebirds Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are now the proud parents of a baby boy. Meghan gave birth to her and Harry’s first child on May 6.

Fans around the globe celebrate the joyful event alongside with the royal family and congratulate Papa and Mama Sussex with the warmest wishes.

But who is happier about the Baby Sussex arrival – Americans or British? It’s hard to say for sure as Meghan Markle spent most of her life in the United States. Moreover, some royal watchers claim that Hollywood is in her nature as Meghan is a former actress.

Experts share their opinions

The CBS host Gayle King says that Americans are indeed more delighted about the royal baby birth than Britons, according to reports.

Gayle King explained her point of view:

Do you think in London they’re as excited as we are here in this country? We’re so excited the royal baby is coming, are you as excited as we are from CBS?

A royal author Tina Brown shared King’s opinion:

 Well, yeah. I think Americans are always a little bit more excited than the British. 

By the way, according to reports, Harry and Meghan are looking for a new house in California. Royal watchers also make guesses whether the royal baby will get American citizenship as well as the British one.

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What’s your vision of the matter? Who is more excited about Baby Sussex arrival – Americans or Britons or maybe someone else?