Is Wedding Just Around The Corner? Amy Roloff Is Finally Ready To Marry Her Beloved Boyfriend Chris, According To Reports

May 9, 2019

Little People Big World fans want to see Amy Roloff in a wedding dress any time soon. But what Amy says about the possibility of marrying her beloved boyfriend Chris?

Do we hear wedding bells?

Multiple fans of the Roloffs have been dreaming to see the family matriarch Amy Roloff walking down the aisle a long time ago since she started dating with Chris Marek.

Amy and Chris announced about their relationship in 2017. Since that time, Chris is a regular guest on Amy’s Instagram during their sweet gatherings with the entire family.

So, if everything is so perfect, why the lovebirds won’t make the things official?!

Amy broke her silence on her marriage perspective in an interview with US Weekly. She said:

I would definitely love to get married one day!

One day? Amy didn’t provide any specific details on the estimated date of this Big Day, simply adding:

But it’s not something that I’m intentionally pursuing.

What about Chris?

Well, it’s easy to understand Amy, as she was previously married to her co-star, Matt Roloff. Unfortunately, their marriage failed and the couple filed for divorce.

As for Chris Malek, he says he is totally open to marriage:

I’m certainly not against marriage, I never thought I’d be this age and still single.

It would be so awesome if Amy and Chris tie the knot! Amy will be such a beautiful bride.