Royal Granny Doesn't Care? Meghan's Mother Doria Spends Time Walking Her Dogs In LA Days Before Baby Sussex Arrival

April 5, 2019 14:07

Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, was spotted spending time with her dogs in LA just weeks before baby Sussex arrival. Fans are a bit confused – the royal granny doesn’t care?

Granny doesn’t care?

On Thursday, Doria Ragland was spotted enjoying her daily routine in LA. Meghan Markle’s mother was seen walking her pet dogs near her house.

Doria dressed up casually in a blue shirt, jacket, and khaki pants. The grandma-to-be looked relaxed as she enjoyed her daily promenade.

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Meanwhile, royal watchers are a bit confused why Doria is still in LA, instead of heading to London to help her heavily pregnant daughter.

As you know, Harry and Meghan’s baby is expected to arrive in a couple of weeks. The royal lovebirds expect a newcomer at the end of April or the beginning of May. They have already moved out of Kensington Palace to their new house in Windsor to enjoy more private life while expecting baby Sussex.

New home for Harry and Meghan

As it was reported earlier, a month ago, Doria Ragland was thought to fly to the UK to attend Meghan’s second baby shower. It is still unclear whether Meghan’s British baby shower actually took place and whether her mother was in attendance.

As for Harry and Meghan’s new house in Windsor, it reportedly has a personal suite for Ms. Ragland. The royal granny is expected to stay in Britain for a while to help Meghan after the baby birth.

Baby Sussex is almost here! Royal fans feel very excited about a new addition to the royal family. No doubt, it will be a great day not just for England but for the entire world.

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