"I’ve Never Swam So Fast": 33-Weeks-Pregnant Woman Saves A Drowning Child While Resting On The Beach With 3-Year-Old Twins

July 26, 2019 14:51

According to the CDC records, an estimate of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings occurred from 2005-2014.

Unfortunately, one out of five persons who lose their lives from drowning are children aged 14 years and younger.

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Thankfully, this heavily pregnant woman could swim in time to save a Minnesota family from the tragedy of losing their son.

Not all heroes wear capes

On July 21, Stephanie Swedberg took her twin sons, 3-year-old Aiden and Declan, for floating lessons at the Crystal Beach Park in Burnsville, Minnesota.

However, things quickly took a nosedive when Swedberg heard someone's call for help.

She left her children with her sister and the 33-week old pregnant woman rushed to the rescue. When she arrived at the scene, she discovered it was a mother who was scared for her son's life.

The little boy was drowning and the woman had a difficult time reaching him. Swedberg, who was formerly a lifeguard, dived and saved the boy.

During an interview with TODAY, Swedberg said:

“I’ve never swam so fast. It’s funny because I can’t even get my pants on these days.”

Thankfully, the little boy was saved before it was too late.

The pregnant mum advised the boy to stay faithful with his swimming lessons and encouraged him to be a lifeguard.

How to prevent child's drowning

Children drowning has become rampant and at this point, the appropriate thing to do is to know how to prevent it:

  • Avoid distraction,s including your phone;
  • Train your child. Tale him or her on swimming lessons;
  • Don't wander away from the child;
  • Don't depend on water wings;
  • Know CPR;
  • Add water barriers in your home.

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We are glad that this woman could save the boy fast despite her condition. Hopefully, more attention is paid to situations like this.