85-Year-Old Woman Survives Hurricane Dorian After Floating In Her Chair For 3 Days In Rising Waters: "She Is A Living Miracle"

September 20, 2019

An 85-year-old woman survived the waters of Hurricane Dorian for three days as she sat in her lounger while the storm lashed the Bahamas.

Virginia Mosvold was in her daughter's Freeport home when the Category 5 storm hit the Bahamas earlier this month. Family members, who had scrambled onto the home's rafters in the attic, were unable to lift Mosvold to higher ground as she was too heavy.

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Amazing story of survival

But Mosvold somehow managed to cling to a refrigerator and keep her head above water - for three horrible days.

"We said goodbye to her a few times and told her we loved her,"

said the woman's daughter, Sissel Johnson.

"It's by the grace of God that she survived."

When the sounds of the storm silenced and the water receded enough for Sissel and George to come down safely, they placed Mosvold in a stable chair.

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George Johnson pulled siding off his home and scrawled "Help" on it. Two feet of water remained in the residence.

Eventually, friends and neighbors were able to lift Mosvold in her lounger and took her to Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport and then sent her by an air ambulance to South Florida.

People's reaction

People can't believe in this incredible story, calling the woman "living miracle":

"She is a living miracle. God bless her"

Another user wrote:

"Not her time. God bless her ♥️🌹🙏"

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A third one added:

Although the brave woman feels better now, there is still a long way to recovery ahead. Those 3 days that she helplessly spent in the water have taken a great toll on her health, affecting her hearing and provoking other serious complications. Doctors do their best to restore Virginia's health.

After all, her astonishing story of survival against the odds inspires people to be strong and never lose hope.

Hopefully, the "living miracle" woman will overcome all the challenges and stress she faced as soon as possible.