Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II’s Relationship: Body Language Expert Gives Final Verdict On Their Feelings Towards Each Other

November 27, 2019 13:51

Are Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II close? Many royals fans have been questioning what kind of relationship the monarch has with her granddaughter-in-law. Some experts suggested that Her Majesty feels quite relaxed in Kate’s company. Is that really the case? Let’s find out.

Kate Middleton’s real relationship with Queen Elizabeth

What can the Queen and Kate’s body language reveal about the real nature of their relationship? Body language guru Judi James analyzed the royal women’s behavior around each other and revealed her final verdict to

Because Kate was never connected to royals before she married Prince William, she had to learn how to integrate into the royal family and she succeeded in her task brilliantly, earning the Queen’s respect.

The expert commented:

Kate was always a slow but steady integrator into the royal firm and her slightly traditional approach, making very few if any ripples in continuity.

James noted that it looks like the Queen treats the Duchess ‘as a friend’ and ‘daughter-in-law.’ Moreover, the monarch is known t be a naturally shy woman but she seems to always chat with Kate with ease.

Judi explained:

Kate is one of the few people the Queen seems to use prolonged bouts of eye contact with, making them look very chatty together. This defines the keenness they seem to have to be in each other’s company.

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Another royal expert Ingrid Seward noted that the monarch has ‘terrific faith’ in Kate because the Duchess almost never put a foot wrong and is very serious about her royal duty. It appears that Her Majesty sees the future Queen in Middleton, which is only strengthening their sweet bond.

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