Price Of Royalty! Meghan Markle Gave Up All She Had To Marry Prince Harry & It Wasn't Easy For Her, A Friend Of Sussexes Explains

October 9, 2019 14:50

Meghan Markle is a mother, a world-famous Royal and an inspiration to many. In the U.S, she's been dubbed the American Princess. However, the Duchess is not exactly living a fairy tale.

Despite what you have come to believe, there are certain cons to the pros of being a part of the British monarchy.

Since her teen days, the former Suits actress was passionate about women’s rights. Later on, she became known as an avid feminist and an outspoken celebrity. When she met Prince Harry in 2016, Meghan was expected to tone down her voice. That, she deliberately did in 2018, disabling her social media accounts.

Being an authentic philanthropist, Her Royal Highness still continues her noble cause. Her spirit is carrying out the same change she intended to bring but, through a different channel.

It wasn't a walk in the park for her

Meghan Markle waved goodbye to her sweet privacy when she married the love of her life. The royals are natural fodder for gossip and this notion took a high peak in the Duchess' case.

Nacho Figueras is a polo pal of Harry and knows the Sussex couple's history very well.

On Ellen DeGeneres Show, he defended Meghan Markle and condemned the negativity latched to her name. Nacho said:

She [Meghan] gave up all of the things that she had to marry this man [Harry] that she loves which is great and people think of it like ‘oh how easy it is for you girl to go marry this guy’. But nobody knows all the very hard things that go with that.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are global warriors. They are fighting to curb climate change, revolutionizing educational systems and improving the terms of humanity. For that, Mr. Figueras thinks we should celebrate them as heroes and love them.

Most people praised Nacho

Meghan & Harry are the individuals who are trying for a better Earth. And that is still more than what most of the humans are doing with their lives. Kudos to the Duchess for her personal sacrifices and exceptional efforts!