Jet-Setting Mama! Meghan Left Archie Back In Canada With Nanny Before Flying To The UK, Reports Say

January 10, 2020

Meghan Markle apparently doesn't feel the need to bring her son along in as she jet-sets between continents, if recent reports are any indication.

The Sussexes in Canada

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left royal fans a little surprised after they announced they were taking a six-week break from their royal duties and enjoying some family time in private. At the time, their decision raised questions about the implications of the Sussexes not being there for the upcoming royal holiday events including the Queen's annual Christmas gathering in Sandringham.

The surprises kept on coming, though, as the Duke soon confirmed that he and his family would be spending their break in Canada. The location wasn't exactly shocking considering that Meghan reportedly lived in Canada for many years before she married Harry.

Fans of the Sussexes greatly anticipated their return from their break and on Tuesday, January 5, the couple showed up for their first public engagement of the year. They visited the Canadian High Commission in London to appreciate their hospitality.

According to HelloMagazine, Harry, Meghan and yes, even Archie, had a fantastic time in Northern America. Meghan revealed that Archie enjoyed taking in the "stunning" view of his surroundings and would often go "ahh" in amazement.

Still in Canada

Apparently, little Archie is enjoying his trip to Canada so much that his parents decided that he should stay behind while they took a trip to the UK for their first public engagement.

According to the DailyMail, Harry and Meghan left Archie back in Canada where he was reportedly cared for by their nanny and Meghan's best friend Jessica Mulroney.

It was also reported that the Duchess has since returned to Canada to be with her son, a trip she took shortly after she and her husband announced they were stepping back from royal duties. According to the outlet Prince Harry plans to join them pretty soon too.

Meghan's touchdown in the UK might have been swift but she did get a few things done. She was reportedly spotted at the London's National Theatre where she's patron, presumably as one of her first royal duties of the year. This visit also took place prior to making their big announcement.

A mother first

Meghan Markle sure has big responsibilities as a royal, but there have been a few instances that show that motherhood comes first.

  • Protecting her child: The Duchess avoids any kind of public over-exposure for her son by not sharing too many photos of him with the public. In fact, we have only gotten glimpses of him a handful of times in the eight months since he has been born.
  • Feeding time: In September 2019, after giving a powerful speech at the Smart Works capsule launch, Meghan was reported to have declared that she needed to get back to her baby because it was "feed time."
  • Baby's schedule: In October, the Duchess implied that Archie's schedule took priority during the Sussex's tour of Africa. She said, "I think the schedule — they have been very kind to me because everything is based around Archie’s feeding times. So it’s a full plate."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have proven to be devoted parents. Even though it wasn't technically said, it's a safe bet that Harry and Meghan's decision to step back from royal duties isn't just about protecting themselves but keeping their son safe too.

Harry and Meghan sure have a lot going on lately. And while it may be confusing that Meghan left her son back in Canada, it's possible that this was her way of putting her son first too. The choice makes sense considering she only had to be in the UK for a little while and it might not have been practical to carry Archie with her back and forth. Would you have done things differently?

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