Sarah Ferguson Speaks On Being Compared To Diana: "She Was Always Perfect"

December 26, 2019 12:08

Sarah Ferguson is done being bullied. She has spent many years being slammed by the press over a lot of different things including her marriage, her style, her weight and many more. But she's over all of that now.

Once upon a time, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana were the royal women people loved to talk about. They were compared a lot and in many cases, Sarah felt she often felt short. Over the years, however, she learned to appreciate herself for who she was.

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Sarah Ferguson and her weight loss struggle

One area where the Duchess of York was constantly poked fun over was her weight. She once revealed to HelloMagazine that she felt she lost control of her body for such a long time and it took her a while to stop drowning in food and do something about her health.

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She revealed that during the years she was overweight, it took a lot of courage to face the public

Every time there was a 'Duchess of Pork' or 'Fat Frumpy Fergie' headline, they didn't have any idea they were reaching to the depths of my soul.

On being compared to Princess Diana

It wasn't just Sarah Ferguson's weight that people loved to make fun of. The Duchess recently revealed, in an interview with SCMP, that even her daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice, were victims of tabloid fat-shaming.

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Sarah then further noted that the public seemed to love to hate her, especially when she was a young bride. They made comparisons between her and Princess Diana and in most cases, Lady D came out in the better light.

I always had the most beautiful sister-in-law with Princess Diana. She was always perfect...and I was always imperfect.

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The Duchess said that she eventually had no choice but to accept her flaws and embrace them.

I've got red hair and freckles and sometimes put on weight. That's okay too.

She encouraged people to own who they are and not give up just because they think they aren't perfect.

5 things Sarah has said about Princess Diana

  1. In a piece for HelloMagazine, the Duchess revealed that she and Diana were made to look like rivals "which is something neither of us ever really felt."
  2. Speaking to Vogue recently, Sarah expressed that she and Diana always had the best time. "I loved her with all my heart."
  3. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar in 2018, she said: "I really miss Diana. I loved her so much."
  4. While on the Meredith Vierra Show in 2015, Sarah revealed what she thought Diana would have been like as a grandmother: "She would have just been the naughtiest, funniest and the best ever."
  5. She once told DailyMail that what she missed most about Diana was "her tinkling laughter."

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Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana appeared to be really close friends. They were spotted together several times but, as we now know through examples of Duchesses Kate and Meghan, people do love to pit royal women against each other.

It couldn't have been fun for the Duchess of York to be made to feel less-than by the press. Nevertheless, it's impressive that Sarah didn't let it affect her and Diana's friendship. And even today, the Duchess still has beautiful things to say about her former sister-in-law.

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