Watch Out, Charles! Body Language Expert Believes "Charming" Princess Anne Is A Better Fit For The Throne Than Her Older Brother

November 21, 2019 12:56

It seems inevitable at this point that Prince Charles will one day become replace his mother Queen Elizabeth II and become a king. But are we overlooking his siblings? In particular, the Queen's only daughter Princess Anne? A body language expert certainly thinks so.

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Would Princess Anne make a better ruler than Prince Charles?

Body language master Judi James recently shared with her opinion that Princess Anne displays more qualities of a ruler than her older brother Charles.

According to James, Anne has shown focus and confidence from a very young age, while Charles had to learn how to display these qualities:

Her body language signals with her brother Charles suggested – almost from birth – that she was the one who had been gifted all the confidence. While Charles looked dreamy, shy and hesitant Anne looked bubbling with happy self-esteem.

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So when asked who would be better fitted for the throne, the expert replied:

I’d love to say Anne, for her spirit and aura of strength and grit but I don’t think she would have made a great queen for our times. At present, the job is all about winning smiles and bright coloured coats. It’s about suppressing your true feelings and being unendingly polite and charming and keeping out of controversy.

And there you have it. Perhaps, the Prince of Wales should take notes.

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Princess Anne is the most hardworking royal

In 2018, Princess Anne once again proved that she works the most compared to her relatives. She managed to fill 180 days with various duties, which is 20 days more than Prince Charles' record shows.

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Anne showed the same performance in 2017, so she has definitely earned the most hardworking royal title.

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