"He Is Her Hero": Prince Philip Acts "Manly, Protective, And Very Dominant" Around Queen Elizabeth II, Body Language Expert Noticed

November 7, 2019 12:06

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been together for 62 years now! And while Elizabeth is the head of the royal family, a body language expert believes that Philip has never lost his manly side and still has a certain hold over his wife.

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Body language expert analyzes the Queen and her husband

Body language guru Judi James recently told that Prince Philip displays domineering behavior over his wife and acts as "a mentor and guide."

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James admitted that most people see the Queen as the leader of the family, but the expert noted that the couple's body language shows Elizabeth's submission around Philip:

Their signals suggested that their private relationship balance was very different from their public face at royal events.

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Judi also looked over several photos of the couple from past and present and noticed that prince Philip often looks "manly, protective and very dominant."

It's actually very sweet to know that the Queen is still smitten with her husband, as James adds:

[Queen Elizabeth II] suggests in poses like this that she might be the monarch but that he is her hero.

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Awww, our hearts just officially melted!

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