Prince Harry And Prince William Reportedly Have "A Lot Of Hurt And Unresolved Issues" Between Them, According To Friend

November 22, 2019 13:12

For some time now there have been reports of a growing tension between two famous British heirs: Prince William and Prince Harry. Now, a friend of the royals claims there are some unresolved issues between them.

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Prince William and Harry feud

Back in 2018, people noticed tension between the famous royal brothers. At first it was rumored that their wives Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were not getting along. As it turns out, Harry and William were the ones who had issues.

According to royal reporter Katie Nicholl, the brothers had a falling-out during Christmas period. This was after the Duke of Sussex told his brother that he wasn’t making much effort to include his wife in the royal family.

Prince Harry and Prince William’s unresolved issues

From seating arrangements to Christmas plans, fallout from the tension between Harry and William continues. Insiders within the palace think the distance between them is normal as a result of the brothers moving into adulthood.

A friend of the royals shedding more light on the brothers’ fallout says that there is a lot of unresolved issues between them, according to PEOPLE magazine. The friend disclosed to the media publication saying:

There is a lot of hurt and a lot of unresolved issues between the boys and no one to help mediate. What’s more, petty grievances can become huge conflicts between all the different royal offices if they aren’t managed correctly, and that’s exactly what’s happening now.

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Meanwhile, royal historian Robert Lacey said as both William and Harry grew up following the death of their mother synchronicity won’t apply anymore.

Royal fans react

Prince William and Prince Harry may be on “different paths” but they will be always connected by blood and bond as brothers.

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