She’s No Different From Us! 2 Times Kate Middleton Proved She Is “Just Like Normal Mom”

January 13, 2020

The Duchess of Cambridge is the 4th most popular member in the royal family with her husband Prince William beating her by only one percent in a popularity chart created by YouGov. Despite holding the royal title, Kate Middleton is devoted to her children and often acts like a normal mom.

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Kate Middleton and her kids

Kate Middleton might be a part of the royal family but she is known to be its most down-to-earth member.

Even people she meets comment on Kate’s at times non-royal behavior. The Duchess collaborated with the British cook Marry Berry last year, who described the 38-year-old as ‘a normal mom.’

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Berry was interviewed after filming a Christmas special with the Cambridges and the beloved chef noted that the pair is a ‘lovely couple.’ She also added that Kate admitted to feeling ‘nervous’ before filming.

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She said:

She is good at piping and of course it's her birthday today and she makes her own children's birthday cakes, just like a normal mum.'

That’s right, the Duchess stays up late to make sure her kids have a homemade birthday cake waiting for them in the morning. But what else makes her so down-to-earth?

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Last December Kate was spotted in a department store doing last-minute Christmas shopping. It appears the royal was hunting for tights for her daughter. Many shoppers were shocked and surprised to see the Duchess doing the most normal mommy thing but Kate had been spied shopping for her kids numerous times before.

Motherhood is a difficult thing

In 2017, Kate did something that royals very rarely do – talked about her real feelings. She might seem like the perfect human being who knows no worries but in real life, the Duchess experienced some difficulties when she became a mom.

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Middleton admitted:

It is lonely at times and you do feel quite isolated, but actually so many other mothers are going through exactly what you are going through.

Kate has 3 kids:

  • Prince George;
  • Princess Charlotte;
  • and Prince Louis.

The Cambridge pair tries their best to make their kids know what ‘the real world’ is and avoid living in a “royal bubble” all the time. That’s why baking cakes, having last minutes Christmas shopping and being as “normal” as possible is what Kate is known for. She managed to find the perfect balance between the royal detachment and the commoner’s warmness and that’s why people love her so much.

Kate Middleton