Queen Mother’s Teeth: Dentist Explains Royal Wasn't Worried About Her Imperfect Smile Because It Wasn’t Important To Her

November 19, 2019 13:00

The Queen Mother was the nation's favorite grandmother, but some people were concerned about her dental health. She was dubbed as Smiling Duchess for her warm nature and the fact that she was rarely seen without a smile on her face.

However, her smile was far from perfect as the Queen’s teeth became very discolored with time. But why did they look that way and, most importantly, why didn’t she do anything to fix them?

The Queen Mother’s teeth

Professional dentist Matthew Rose had a chat with about the Queen Mother’s teeth. He revealed that the reason why they looked so bad was that when she was born, dentistry was ‘completely different.’

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He explained:

Dentistry was more invasive as mainly comprised of extractions if a tooth presented with a problem, and the preventative side we are all familiar with now such as fluoride, was not known about.

Modern technologies were not available for the majority of the royal’s life. However, the Queen Mother could have fixed her teeth later but she had never done it. Why?

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Rose believes that she probably didn’t care how her smile looked. He said:

So even though an aesthetically pleasing smile might have been available as an option to her when she became older, perhaps this was something that was just not important to her.

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Nowadays, celebrity culture inspired many people to look after their teeth. However, French dentist Dr. Fillion believes there is a big distinction between American and European dentistry.

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In America, people want their smiles to look Hollywood perfect but Europeans prefer a more natural look ‘adopted to each personality.’ The French dentist says Tom Cruise’s teeth are too perfect for his liking while Kate Middleton’s smile looks very natural and ‘harmonious.’ What do you think?

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