Relationship Therapist Says Kate Middleton Was "Really Cross With William" In Viral Video

December 18, 2019

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been the talk of social media. Recently, the royal couple participated in a BBC festive special A Berry Royal Christmas with famed British cook Mary Berry.

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Kate and William seemed to be enjoying themselves when they were caught in a very awkward PDA moment. Viewers noticed that the Duchess appeared to shrug off her husband’s touch, which was very clearly seen in a video.

Is Kate Middleton and Prince William ok? A relationship therapist explained what might have happened between the two.

Kate and William today

While everyone is trying to de-code what had happened in that awkward moment between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Annie Gurton, a professional relationship therapist, revealed her own opinion.

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Annie noted that the royal mom appeared to be ‘really cross’ with her husband, suggesting that the two might have had a row recently. She said:

She probably hasn’t had a chance to ‘have it out’ with him yet, and she is conveying her anger by the shoulder shrug. We can all be really annoying to our partners. This public event is not the time and place for them to discuss it, but she couldn’t help herself making it clear to him that she’s cross, really cross.

However, Gurton assured that it doesn’t mean that their marriage is under threat. She insisted that it’s perfectly fine to have a conflict in any ‘healthy’ relationship.

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The expert added:

It doesn’t mean that their relationship is in crisis. It means their relationship is normal. Couples who never have conflict are the ones to worry about.

Another expert but this time in body language, Patti Wood, agrees with Gurton, noting that Kate’s behavior suggests that she tried to ‘protect’ herself from William’s touch.

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Nonetheless, we hope that whatever happened between the Cambridges will be resolved soon as Christmas is around the corner and nobody wants a grumpy partner or parent during festive season.

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