Prince Louis’ New Hobby Revealed: Kate Middleton Attends Music & Dance Classes With Her 1-Year-Old Son, Reports Say

November 18, 2019 14:14

Kate Middleton is bonding with her youngest son Louis as the mother and son share one joint occupation together.

Kate and Louis’ new love revealed

With her super-busy working schedule, the mom-of-three Kate Middleton still manages to spend time with her wonderful children.

Kate and her youngest son Louis reportedly attend the weekly Monkey Music sessions together. It is a singing and dancing class for babies where they play with other kids and even sing with their moms.

A royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths opened up about Kate’s new occupation:

I can reveal that she gets stuck in. The classes are led by a monkey puppet who asks mums to sing with their babies and dance around the room holding scarfs.

We would give everything to see that picture! Kate and 1-year-old Louis sing and dance together… cuteness overload!

Fans have the sweetest reaction

Fans know that Kate Middleton is pretty down-to-earth royal and love the Duchess for this. A month ago, the Duchess was spotted with other school moms hanging out together in one of the local pubs. Royals also need a break from work, especially royal moms!

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We can’t help gushing how fast Prince Louis grows up. In a couple of years, Kate and William will take their youngest offspring to school. What a lovely family!

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