Happy Birthday, Your Future Majesty! Noble And Generous Prince Charles Turns 71 Years Old Today

November 13, 2019 14:15

Today, heir to the British throne Prince Charles is celebrating his 71st birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Your Royal Highness!

Prince Charles is the Queen's oldest son and definitely one of the most admirable figures in the royal family. He revolutionized what it means being the face of monarchy by being the first one in his family to publicly receive a University degree by refusing to attend private classes.

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The 71-year-old royal is a dedicated public servant and acts as either a Patron or President of over 400 organizations, most notably Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, which he established in 1979 that aims at supporting young people and global sustainability.

The Prince of Wales is also a doting father to Prince William and Prince Harry, who continue their father's charitable work.

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Currently, Prince Charles actively prepares for his future role as a King, and we're confident he will make the Queen proud when it comes the time for him to put on that crown.

What is Prince Charles doing for his birthday?

On Tuesday, Prince Charles went on his 10th official visit to India, where he will be spending his 71st birthday.

Unfortunately, his beloved wife Camilla Parker-Bowles will not be with him at the time, but she's set to join him on their official visit to New Zealand starting this Saturday.

Even though Charles and Camilla won't be able to celebrate his big day together, we hope they have a wonderful time later on.

Prince Charles