Meghan Markle Is Financially Draining Prince Harry & The Royal Family Due To U.S Taxation, Reports Say

November 5, 2019 13:54

Meghan Markle's net worth before marriage was approximately $7 million as of May 2018. Her Royal spouse was way ahead of her for his association with one of the world's most prestigious families. Prince Harry's assets pile up to $40 million.

Now, that they have combined their riches, the couple has to share its legal matters too.

The Duchess made an eye-watering fortune from her success as a TV star on Suits and her various brand endorsements. Netflix's hit show had her bag $50,000 per episode and she recorded 100 of them. Meghan earned a pretty penny for her appearances in Hollywood films as well.

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Meghan Markle's US taxes

Prince Harry's wife is still not a UK citizen. She has pledged to obey through the process adequately which may take years. Meghan currently holds American nationality which obliges her to pay taxes to the U.S government. It has caused a financial headache for her husband and the Royal family.

The US Internal Revenue Service dictates that the Sussex stunner is required to file a tax return and report any foreign accounts. She is also bound to reveal possessions that surpass $200,000 and gifts that are worth more than $15,797.

According to the Latin Times report, the crown has sought assistance from US tax specialists to guide them through their involvement in the US taxation system. As bad as it is already, besides Prince Harry, his heir Archie also has to comply with American monetary laws until he is 18.

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People gave multiple opinions

Most commentators felt for the Duchess. They think U.S authorities may be unfair in this regard. No matter how rich or poor you are, they are draining everyone with no exception.

Other users reacted differently.

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