Prince William Got Candid On How Tiring It Is To Be A Dad-Of-Three But Fans Doubt His Words

November 8, 2019 13:58

The Duke of Cambridge recently attended a star-studded event. The dad-of-three appeared at a fundraising dinner for London’s Air Ambulance Charity. Prince William’s kids were left at home but the royal gave them a little mention.

Prince William as a father

Despite being surrounded by important people like former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, Lord and Lady Archer and music legend Eric Clapton, the Duke couldn’t help but mention his adorable 3 kids: George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Prince William’s children are surely super cute but the royal noted that he struggles with them sometimes. The Duke opened about the hardships of being a dad of 3 to Eric Clapton.

He admitted that being a father is incredibly tiring and takes a lot of time. But when he gets a spare minute, the only thing he does is sleep. William said:

With the children, it's quite hard to get the time off. Any free time I do get I sleep!

Royal fans shared their opinions about the royal’s words

We understand that having 3 children is a lot of work but we are certain that William loves being a dad. We can tell that from the way he beams around his off-spring so he won’t trick us!

Prince William