Wendy Williams Mocks Cambridges’ PDA: “Kate Shrugged William Like Melania Shrugged President Trump"

December 20, 2019 10:40

Famous TV host compared Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship with that of another eminent couple, Donald and Melania Trump. It seems like Wendy has found some similarities between both couples based on their ‘awkward’ PDA moments.

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Hmm! That was awkward!

Kate Middleton and Prince William made headlines recently with their awkward PDA moment on Mary Berry’s cooking show.

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The Cambridges took part in the special Christmas episode of the show and then had a warm conversation with host Mary. But fans couldn’t help noticing how Kate shrugged off William’s hand when he touched her shoulder in a viral video.

According to a relationship therapist, Kate and William may have troubles in paradise. Annie Gurton said that the Duchess crossed the line by this gesture.

The expert explained:

She is conveying her anger by the shoulder shrug.

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Just like Donald and Melania

TV personality Wendy Williams also shared her opinion about the awkward moment between the Cambridges.

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Williams compared the royal couple with Donald and Melania Trump. She said that their behavior on public resembles PDAs of the US President and First Lady over the years.

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Wendy said:

Kate shrugged William like Melania shrugged President Trump.

Probably, Wendy meant a couple of those hilarious moments when Melania refused to hold Donald’s hand. But we won’t say that First Lady did it intentionally. When you are constantly surrounded by paparazzi, such things happen and it has no relation to the ‘troubles’ in marriage. Right?

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By the way, despite her harsh comment about the Cambridges, Wendy Williams admitted that another royal couple makes her gushing from their “genuine” love. Wendy talked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The TV presenter added about the Sussexes:

To me it's the only genuine royal couple to fall in love like the rest of us.

Meant to be together

In our opinion, when people are married for 5 years and longer, they don’t want to play perfect spouses in public, but can allow themselves some jokes or cute PDAs. We all are humans after all!

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As for Donald and Melania Trump, they also had LOL situations between them like that adorable umbrella moment, which went viral in the Internet.

Donald hit the social media when left Melania stand in the rain without an umbrella. Do you think the First Lady was offended? No, she wasn’t! We are pretty sure that Melania just laughed about it afterwards.

What we mean is that when two people belong together and are married for years, they shouldn’t worry about looking ‘awkward’ in the spotlight. Both couples, William & Kate and Donald & Melania, have happy and strong marriages!

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