William And Harry’s Rift: Royal Brothers &Their Wives Kate And Meghan Split At Festival Of Remembrance

November 11, 2019

The royal Fab Four reunited! Hurrah! The Cambridges and the Sussexes made a joint public appearance over the weekend after the reported feud. But fans wonder, why did Harry & Meghan sit so far from William & Kate at Festival of Remembrance?!

Fab Four’s reunion

On Saturday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined Her Majesty and other members of the royal family at Festival of Remembrance. The event commemorates the victims of tragedies.

The royal ladies including Queen Elizabeth, Camilla, Catherine, and Meghan looked royally gorgeous in their stunning black gowns.

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However, the royals’ outfits was not the only thing that captured public attention. Fans noticed that Meghan & Harry sat too far from William & Kate at the royal box. But why? Was it all due to the reported feud between the royal couples?

Don’t worry! The reason why the Cambridges and the Sussexes sat separately at Festival of Remembrance was pretty simple and had nothing to do with the royal feud. All members of the royal family were seated in order of precedence.

The Queen took the central position, of course. Prince Charles, who is the first in line to the throne, sat to Her Majesty’s left. William – the third in line – and his wife Kate sat right from the Queen. Harry is now the sixth in line to the throne. He and Meghan sat accordingly to the royal precedence.

Fans’ comments

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As you see, there is no hidden feud or conspiracy theory regarding William and Harry’s feud or their wives’ dislike of each other. Both couples just have to follow a royal protocol, which doesn’t affect their relationship to any extent.

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