Fans Support Kate Middleton Who Feels “Incredibly Hurt” That Prince Harry Is Leaving The Royal Family, According To Reports

January 14, 2020 14:40

Kate Middleton feels “incredibly hurt” that Prince Harry is leaving the royal family as they used to share a very special bond in the past.

Royal summit

  • After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a shocking revelation that they’re stepping down as senior royals, Meghan flew to Canada, while Harry stayed in the UK.
  • The main question that worries fans at the moment is whether the Sussexes will be allowed to keep their royal titles.

  • On Monday, the Queen arranged a summit to resolve the family crisis regarding Harry and Meghan’s stepping down.
  • Prince William and Prince Charles, as well as Prince Harry were in attendance.
  • Duchess Camilla and Duchess Kate didn’t attend the family meeting.
  • Kate Middleton was spotted in a car outside the Palace at that time.

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s lost bond

The royal family is going through the tough times right now. And let’s not forget about Prince William and Kate Middleton, who have always been very close with Harry. Some fans even jokingly called them ‘royal trio’, which later transformed into ‘fab four.’

A source close to the Cambridges claims that Kate Middleton feels “incredibly hurt” about Harry’s resigning. No wonder as the Duchess was like an elder sister for Harry after she married his brother William. The three of them were often spotted laughing and having fun together during joint appearances.

The source commented on Harry and Kate’s lost bond:

She acted as a mentor to Harry before Meghan came into the picture and hates seeing her husband so upset.

And what about Prince William? Well, the Duke is not satisfied with his younger brother’s resigning too. According to reports, William confessed to his friend that he feels sad that he “can’t put his arm around his brother anymore.”

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Fans have also something to say on this matter.

Fans’ comments

What’s going now in the royal family can be described as ‘dark times’ to some extent. Nevertheless, we hope that Prince Harry won’t lose his bond with his brother William and his sister-in-law Kate after his stepping down from royal duties. Siblings’ support means a lot! Even if Harry will relocate to Canada, we sincerely wish him to stay connected with his close ones in Britain.

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