‘Furious Duchess’: Kate Middleton Fired Loyal Aide That Just Returned From Her Honeymoon After Fab Four Split

November 11, 2019 10:51

Kate Middleton fired her loyal aide after 7 years of working together following the split of the royal Fab Four. The Duchess’ former aide confessed it was a true shock for her to find out she was fired.

‘Furious’ Duchess

It is not so easy to work for the royal family considering multiple rules and strict protocol, which the royals’ aides have to follow on a daily basis.

Kate Middleton’s former assistant, Sophie Agnew, experienced this firsthand. Sophie worked for the royal family for 7 years and became one of Kate Middleton’s most devoted aides.

Can you imagine Agnew’s ‘surprise’ when she found out she was fired soon after she just got married and returned from her honeymoon?

One of Sophie’s close friends explained:

Sophie worked so hard for Kate. She loved her job and made a lot of sacrifices.

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The pal added:

Everyone's been really shocked because it was so unexpected. It seems like extreme cost-cutting.

What was the reason?

You may ask what could make Kate Middleton fire her loyal aide after so many years of perfect work?! The answer is pretty simple.

When the Cambridges and the Sussexes have separated their households and Harry & Meghan moved from Kensington Palace to Windsor, Sophie Agnew’s position has been simply made redundant.

A source close to the royal family reported:

She will not be replaced.

We can understand Sophie’s feelings at that moment as it’s really sad to lose a favorite job. As for Duchess Catherine, it must have been not easy for her to say goodbye to her longtime aide too.

We wish Sophie to find a new great job. Besides, working for the royal family will definitely make her CV very attractive for future employers.

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