‘So Tough’ To Work With: Meghan Markle’s Top Aide Quits Her Post After Working With Royals For 17 Years

December 2, 2019 14:14

Meghan Markle keeps losing her aides one after another. The Duchess’ assistant, who worked for the royal family for 17 years, decided to quit.

Meghan Markle’s aide quits

It must be not-so-easy to work for the members of royal families because not only monarchs have to follow a huge number of rules, but their aides have a strict protocol too.

Royal fans were surprised to find out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s private secretary Samantha Cohen decided to quit. Samantha worked for the royal family for 17 years.

But before you start making suggestions about the reason behind Cohen’s resigning, we’ll clear it up. Samantha got another job in an organization that helps prevent tropical deforestation. That’s what she always wanted to do.

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We can imagine that it was tough for the Sussexes to lose their devoted staff member, but Harry and Meghan did the right thing to let her go to follow her dream.

However, fans think Meghan and Harry have certain issues with staff members as they lost three aides just in five months. The Duchess’ previous private secretary Amy Pickerill left her post after just a year.

Fans’ comments

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Do you think it’s hard to work for royals? Would you like to cooperate with Harry and Meghan? In case you would, the Sussexes seem to have a job opening after Samantha Cohen’s resigning.

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