Meghan Markle's Friend Who Took The Sussex Christmas Card Photos Denies Photoshop Rumors

December 27, 2019 15:31

It sucks to be famous sometimes. Meghan Markle has been through the wringer since her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed. Of course, she has some die-hard fans, but there are still a few people who will pick apart every little thing she says or does.

Dealing with intense scrutiny

The Duchess of Sussex is no stranger to being in the public eye. Even before she became a royal, she was already famous as an actress. But her life as Prince Harry's partner has greatly increased the level of attention she gets. It got so bad that she had no choice but to reveal to the world that she's just not okay.

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During a documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, the Duchess confessed that she was having trouble dealing with being constantly criticized. Considering the fact that the royals aren't usually so forthcoming about emotional stuff, this confession was a pretty big deal.

In defense of the Sussex' Christmas photo

The Sussexes were slammed recently after they shared their Christmas Card photo. The sweet snapshot featured Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the background as their son, Archie, was front and center.

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A post shared by DailyMail implied that the photo was specifically edited to ensure only Meghan and Archie's faces were much clearer while Harry's was purposely blurred. The reports fed into the idea that the Duchess loved being the center of attention.

In response to this, Meghan's friend, Janina Gavankar, who took the picture, defended herself and the Duchess against these claims. She posted the "original" photo that was publicized which admittedly looked much different from the one posted to the DailyMail.

Janina then slammed the publication via Instagram, saying:

I see your campaign against my friend continues. Nice photoshop of my non-photoshopped image. Now may we all get back to the spirit of Christmas and not the spirit of maliciousness.


Many people agreed with Janina and took Meghan's side, claiming it isn't fair that she's usually reflected in a negative light.

Quick facts about Janina Gavankar

She isn't technically a photographer. Here are some facts about the Duchess' pal.

  • Janina is an actress. You may recognize her for her role on the TV shows True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Sleepy Hollow.
  • She's also a singer. She was once a member of the all-female singing group, Endera.
  • She was the first actress to use Twitter. She reportedly signed up on Richard Branson's computer.

Meghan Markle gets criticized a lot and she's actually doing something about that. She and her husband recently decided to sue some tabloids for spreading wrong information about her.

What this tells us is that even though she admits to being overwhelmed by the scrutiny, she won't be playing a victim. It must be really stressful to face issues like this a lot especially for someone who tries all she can to spread positivity, inspire togetherness, help charities and generally do good things with the help of her royal platform. The good news is that she can count on fans and friends to stand up for her during hard times.

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