Little Royal Needs A Hug: Princess Eugenie Posts Childhood Snap Of Herself On A Horse And Fans Can't Get Over The Cuteness

November 18, 2019 17:47

No doubt, Princess Eugenie is a real beauty today. But how did she look when she was young? Well, the royal has decided to give us quite the treat while also providing us with a glimpse of a childhood hobby of hers- horseriding.

In his book Pets by Royal Appointment: The Royal Family and their Animals, author Brian Hoey delved into the members of the royal family's familiarity with horses.

It's no secret that Queen Elizabeth adores riding, but, according to the author, this passion isn't really shared by all the members of the royal family. Though Princess Eugenie, Prince William, and Prince Harry do know their way around a horse, Hoey surmised that Her Majesty could be the only true rider in the family.

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The royals' expertise in all things horses isn't by accident, though, As kids, they are thought this useful skill, as exemplified by Eugenie's throwback.

Princess Eugenie as a child

The gorgeous royal recently posted a snapshot of herself which was apparently taken when she was a little girl.

In the photo, a young Princess Eugenie could be seen in her horseriding gear sitting comfortably on a horse. But her expression was far from thrilled.

Her facial expression was that of a little girl about to burst into tears. The look was so heartbreakingly adorable that all anyone wanted to do was give little Eugenie a hug at that moment.

In the caption, Eugenie wrote:

I guess someone wasn't too happy that day to be riding...

She then added that she was probably moody because of her oversized grown-up coat.

Feedback on Princess Eugenie young photo

As expected, this adorable snap tugged at heartstrings in the cutest way. Fans absolutely melted over the picture.

@alisonclaire21 commented, "What a cute pic," and @lapinsonnelle agreed, declaring:

So so cute!!

@thehouseofevie wrote, "Oh bless" while @justkimmiann complimented the royal too.

So cute! What a face. Thank you for sharing!

Childhood pictures have a way of giving people warm and fuzzy feelings. These priceless images take everyone back in time and can be an adorable reminder of when things were completely different. Let's hope someone turned Eugenie's frown upside down after this picture was taken.

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