Unruly Royal Trio: Meghan & Harry And Prince Andrew Need To Be 'Separated From The Rest Of The Royal Family', An Expert Believes

November 18, 2019 13:58

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's ITV documentary about their struggles with media is still dividing experts as many believe it did more harm than good.

But the Sussexes aren't the only problematic figures in the British royal family. Prince Andrew has been on everyone's radar due to his problematic friendship with disgraced financier and convicted offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Meghan, Harry, and Andrew: the troublesome royal trio

Former press secretary Dickie Arbiter recently spoke with BBC News about the negative impact Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as well as Prince Andrew have on the royal family's public image.

Mr. Arbiter first addressed what's going on with other royal family members that stay out of headlines:

You take the Royal Family as a whole. Prince Phillip has stepped back, we’re seeing very little of him. Princess [Anne] carries on, nothing bad about her. Prince Edward, currently in Canada. They’re all doing a great job.

He then proceeded to explain how Meghan and Harry's documentary damaged the good they did during their Africa tour:

But what you’ve got is Harry at the end of a south Africa tour within 24 hours of it being a triumphant tour then ranting on about the British media. It took the story away from the good work that was done in southern Africa to him, Meghan and their relationship with the media.

Dickie believes Prince Andrew gives off similar energy and thinks the three of them need to be considered separately from the rest of the family:

Now you’ve got this with Andrew. I think you have to separate the three people away from the rest of the Royal Family. They’ve got to deal with the situation, the rest of the Royal Family will carry on business as usual.

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@Janet Hull:

I think Prince Andrew would be better retiring from public life. I also feel that Prince Harry and Meghan should also retire from public life not because they are in disgrace like Andrew but they have made it very clear they are not happy.

@Andrea Griffin:

Prince Andrew could live the rest of his life at Windsor, playing golf 🏌️ and never be seen again.

@Maryam Mehrani:

Harry and Meghan didn’t do anything wrong or unethical, they do their best to help people, plz leave them alone

@Jf Koh:

Well said! Well analysed!

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