According To Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prince William Hated The Prison Walls Of His Destiny

November 6, 2019 13:33

Prince William is second in line of succession for the British throne. But, former Prime Minister Tony Blair has made a shocking claim about his future as the next King.

The Duke of Cambridge as the next monarch

A royal expert Matt Baker has claimed that rather than Prince Charles be the next king, his first son Prince William should be crowned instead as he is “more royal.”

Baker revealed that the late Princess Diana comes from a more “royal bloodline” which makes the Duke “more royal” than his father. The Prince of Wales is the first in line to the throne after his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince William future king

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has revealed a stunning truth about William’s future as the next King of England.

In his autobiography A Journey, Blair details all the private conversation he had with the royal after they became close during the time, they both spent at Balmoral. Tony claimed that the Duke of Cambridge hated the prison walls of his destiny saying:

He knew now, if he didn’t before, what being a Prince and a King meant. For all the sense of duty, the prison walls of hereditary tradition must have seemed too high a price to pay.

The former prime minister further explained that Prince William was angry that while grieving the death of his mother, Princess Diana he was made to play a public role.

How Kate's life will change when her husband becomes king

When Prince William ascends the throne his wife, Kate will be given a new official title. The Duchess will become the Queen Consort. The royal mom of three will only hold the title which is not the same as being The Queen of England.

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Prince William