Royal Sunshine: Fans Gush About Princess Charlotte Who Refused To Give Flowers Gifted By A Fan To An Aide

December 28, 2019 10:49

Princess Charlotte was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers from a 6-year-old boy at the Christmas service. The little Princess was so touched that even refused to hand the present to an aide.

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Princess Charlotte’s news

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter made a great debut this week. She and her elder brother Prince George joined their parents at the annual Christmas church service.
  • Princess Charlotte looked truly adorable in a dark green coat matching her mom Kate’s hat.

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  • Royal watchers were mesmerized when Lottie copied her mom’s curtsy while greeting the Queen.
  • According to reports, Kate and William’s daughter asked her parents to give her a pony for Christmas.

Gift from a fan

The sweetest moment of the royals’ Christmas Walk to the church happened when Princess Charlotte was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers from a fan.

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The fan appeared to be a 6-year-old boy named James, who waited for several hours to give Charlotte the gift.

But that’s not all yet! According to reports, Princess Charlotte became shy around the boy in the cutest way ever. Her Royal Highness loved the present so much that she even refused to hand the bouquet to a royal aide.

Fans’ comments

@ Catherine McDermott

Good for her refusing to hand those pretty flowers over! That was a lovely gesture made by the little boy and this delightful moment should'nt have been disrupted by the grumpy aide!👧💐👦😍

@ Shirley Hayes

Bless her she wasn’t giving them away I do think she is far more confident than George she is so not phased by the crowds whenever you see her, and her curtsy outside church yesterday was priceless xxx

@ Debi Reid

I love she has a mind of her own. Just like her Mum and Dad.

@ Connie Gerhardt

Good for her!! She so reminds me of Diana. The public responds to her like they did her grandmother. I'm so glad Kate and William are letting her follow in her footsteps😍

Princess Charlotte’s flower

Interesting fact! It appears that William and Kate’s daughter has a flower named in her honor. It is called The Princess Charlotte chrysanthemum.

The flower was produced by a world-famous chrysanthemum breeder Deliflor.

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Our congratulations to little Lottie on her great debut on Christmas! It seems like Kate and William’s daughter has just got her own fan. Sweet Princess Charlotte will win dozens of boys’ hearts when she grows up. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Charlotte and her wonderful family!

Princess Charlotte