William And Kate’s Christmas Card 2019 Drastically Differs From The Previous Years Due To A Hidden Message, Expert Says

December 25, 2019

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Christmas card 2019 is very different from the previous years. Moreover, it hides a special meaning! What could it be?

The Cambridges’ Christmas card 2018

All members of the British royal family follow a good old tradition of sending Christmas cards. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s greeting card 2018 is one of our favorite:

  • 2018: The card features William and Kate in a brand new status of the family of five. Baby Louis is here too and he is absolutely adorable!
  • The Cambridges’ greeting card from the last year was drastically different due to its casual tone.
  • The card features William, Kate, and their offsprings sitting on a tree branch at their country house.
  • The royal couple, as well as kids George, Charlotte, and little Louis dressed up casually in jeans and jumpers. Princess Charlotte was wearing a skirt.
  • The Cambridges know how to get royal watchers into the festive mood. Wonderful family photo!

Hidden message behind William and Kate’s Christmas card 2019

William and Kate’s Christmas card 2019 is even more stunning than the last year one. It features the entire family of five sitting on a vintage bike.

What a lovely and informal family photo!

But a royal expert Omid Scobie noticed a hidden message behind the Cambridges’ greeting card 2019. The message relates to Duchess Kate.

According to the expert, William and Kate will make a huge announcement in 2020. Moreover, Scobie added that the bombshell announcement will come at the beginning of January and will have a relation to the Duchess.

The expert said:

Next year will be a big one for Kate.

The expert didn’t give any specific details, but maybe the “announcement” will be baby news. What do you think?

Fans loved the card

‘Dominant’ Kate

Another royal expert also noticed that Kate Middleton’s “dominant” side in the royal family has only strengthened over the years.

The royal author Judi James took a precise look at William and Kate’s family photo 2018 and noticed one interesting detail.

According to Judi, Kate’s casual style in the Christmas photo showed off her significant role in the royal family.

The expert said:

Sitting outside among and on trees it’s all jeans and jumpers and checked shirts and Kate’s pose suggests her role has become more dominant and assertive.

In our opinion, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Christmas cards over the years point out on one thing – their unique bond with each other and their adorable kids. Their family photos are always filled with love, warmness, and joy. We wish this wonderful family all the happiness in the world! Merry Christmas to the Cambridges!

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