Politician Dennis Skinner Revealed Jobs British Royals Might Have If Monarchy Was Abolished: Prince Philip Could ‘Run Kebab Shop’

December 16, 2019

Before joining the royal family, Meghan Markle had tried her hand in a number of different jobs. She, obviously, had a successful acting career when she met Harry but before that, the Duchess tried herself as a junior press officer, a wrapper, and even a calligrapher!

So it’s safe to say that if for some reason the monarchy would be abolished, Meghan would have no problem in finding herself a new career. But whta about other royals? British politician Dennis Skinner suggested what royal family members might do if such situation occurs.

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Dennis Skinner is known to be a convinced Republican. He is certain that the monarchy is the thing of the past. Once, he even went as far as to suggest what kind of jobs British royals might do if they were in need of work.

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He said in a1994 interview:

When we’ve got rid of them, I don’t believe we should be cruel like Mrs. Thatcher and throw them on the dole – I think we should provide them with work.

Skinner then offered some options:

I think that Di and Fergie should become marriage guidance counselors. I believe the Queen could take a job at Royal Ascot looking after the horses, because that’s her real bent.

That doesn’t seem too bad. However, the politician was quite cruel to the Queen’s husband. He said:

And Prince Philip – he could be running a kebab shop in north London.

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But what would Kate Middleton do? She would probably find some work in photography as she is brilliant at taking photos.

Express suggested that if the Duchess didn’t marry Prince William, she would likely be working as a buyer, which is something she did before joining the royal family so it’s another career path for the mom-of three.

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