Kate Middleton Was 'Put In Her Place' As She Was Completely Ignored During Recent Outing, Reports Say

December 18, 2019 15:53

In Kate Middleton’s latest news, the Duchess received a very special honor from the Queen. The royal mom-of-three was made the patron of Family Action charity and she was eager to start her new responsibilities.

The Duchess paid an unexpected visit to Peterley Manor Farm in Buckinghamshire where she spent all afternoon with kids, doing various Christmas activities.

Kate looked all festive as she appeared wearing a bright red coat and a green sweater with an excited smile on her pretty face. However, that smile was erased at one point during her royal outing.

Kate Middleton was completely ignored

The Duchess was ‘put in her place’ during one of her final royal outings this year. Kate Middleton helped children to choose a Christmas tree for their school but was completely ignored when she tried to finish her task.

The kids totally ignored Prince William’s wife as she desperately tried to get their attention. The awkward moment was spotted by US commentator Kaitlin Menza, who later recalled it on Royally Obsessed.

She said:

There was a little moment where she was trying to get kids to notice her tree. She was like, ‘is this the right tree for me?’ And no kids were paying attention to her. The kids were not looking at her at all.

The show’s co-host Lisa Ryan noted that it must have been a very humbling moment for Kate. She added:

Again, we love when kids put royals or anyone in their place. Kids just do not care.

Nonetheless, the Duchess of Cambridge is known to be the most down-to-earth royal. She often shops at the local grocery store and dreams about becoming a farmer.

She also has a very mommy talent. Kate Middleton recently revealed that she always bakes her children a birthday cake, which has become a tradition in her family.

Kate’s “normality” is one of the main reasons why people love her so much. Yes, she follows protocol and looks like a real Princess, but at the same time, she is simply a wife and a mother, who faces the same problems as we do and deals with them with grace.

Kate Middleton