Prince William’s 6-Year-Old Son, George, Is Already Showing Traits Of A Future King, Claims Royal Expert

November 12, 2019 17:44

Who is Prince William's son? The Duke of Cambridge has 2 sons, actually, George and Louis. George is the eldest and is currently third in the line to the British throne, which means that one day he will inherit it.

Even at a young age, the little royal already has to follow the protocol. He is not allowed to wear long pants until he turns 8 and he can’t keep all of his presents. However, despite the restrictions, he is already showing a king’s traits.

Future ruler

Prince William’s son George seems to have taken after his father. Royal expert Kaitlin Menza revealed that the youngster is already showing the traits of a future King.

During her interview with the podcast Royally Obsessed, she shared that the 6-year-old is demonstrating leadership signs when he’s looking after his younger siblings.

Menza said:

George is more reserved although he’s started to come out of his shell. George is always looking out for his younger brother and sister. He’s already showing traits of making an excellent leader.

Despite that, there is something that might be very difficult for the little Prince to deal with in his future role, which is living under the public eye.

Royal expert Kate Williams claims that George has developed some resentment towards the press so the intense public attention might get even more troublesome for him as he grows up.

Nonetheless, we are certain that his father will help him to get through this because he knows what it’s like to be constantly scrutinized from the first hand.

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