No Time For Love: The Queen And Prince Philip Will Spend Their 72nd Wedding Anniversary Apart Due To Her Majesty's Hectic Schedule

November 20, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip just celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? Some people don't live this long, but the royal couple managed to preserve their love after all this time. We're curious, do they have any special plans for the occasion?

The Queen and Prince Philip can't catch a break

Sources close to the royal family claim Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh have seen each other only two times since September due to the Queen's busy schedule and controversy surrounding their son Prince Andrew.

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Since Prince Philip had retired from royal duties 2 years ago, he's been taking it easy and staying away from any type of family business. While it's good for his health, it's the Queen that has to manage her royal duties as well as media's constant attention towards the royal family.

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A source told

I’m sure it’s been good for his health not to be there getting involved in the day-to-day stresses and strains but I think the Queen has missed his hands-on approach to family matters. He might have been a much stronger voice advising Andrew if he had been around more.

Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth II will also have to work on her and Philip's anniversary, as she has pressing matters to tend to in London.

It saddens us to know that the monarchy's oldest couple can't spend a minute alone since a body language expert confirmed they're still very much in love.

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Hopefully, the Queen will find time very soon and she can enjoy a nice dinner with her beloved husband.

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