Duchess Camilla Missed Princess Eugenie's Wedding But Sent Her Emotional Letter Of Apology, Reports Say

December 20, 2019 18:22

Princess Eugenie’s wedding was the event to remember. Over 600 guests attended the royal nuptials in October, yet, there was one person missing from Princess Eugenie’s wedding list – Duchess Camilla.

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Prince Charles’ wife was the only senior royal family member who skipped the celebrations. Why Camilla didn’t attend Princess Eugenie’s wedding? She reportedly had a previously-set engagement in Scotland that she couldn’t miss.

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However, it’s been revealed that the royal wrote a touching letter to the bride to make up for it.

The letter of apology

According to a royal correspondent Richard Kay, Duchess Camilla felt really sorry that she wasn’t able to attend Eugenie’s wedding, so she wrote her an emotional letter.

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Kay revealed:

I can disclose that Camilla sent a handwritten letter to Eugenie apologizing for being unable to attend.

The corresponded added that the future Queen is quite close to Eugenie and her sister, Beatrice, so she would have attended the wedding if she could.

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Nonetheless, there have been many conflicting reports as to why the Duchess chose to skip the celebration. Some people suggested that the royal engagement in Scotland was not the real reason why Camilla didn’t attend it.

One royal insider claimed that Prince Charles’ wife had a small party with close friends arranged for that date, adding that it’s strange that she decided to organize it after the wedding date was announced.

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According to Daily Mail, Camilla is not very fond of Eugenie’s father, Prince Andrew. The Duchess might dislike her brother-in-law because he didn’t help her and Charles when they needed support after Princess Diana’s passing.

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It was said:

Camilla has always felt Andrew could have done more. The Queen listens to Andrew and he could have helped his brother at a time when he had few allies within the family. In fact, I would go so far as to say he was deeply unhelpful when support would have meant a huge amount to her and the Prince.

So was it payback from Camilla’s side? Nobody knows for sure except the Duchess herself. Prince Andrew’s recent scandal worsened his position in the royal family and now it seems that he is the one who needs the support but it doesn’t look like he’s getting it.

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