Media Claim Meghan Markle Uses Bronzer To Ensure She Looks Biracial & It Has Angered The Public

November 8, 2019 10:16

Meghan Markle is biracial and it's obvious, not just from her appearance but, her roots too. Also, have you checked out her gorgeous freckles? Yeah, that's the beauty of being a black woman!

Somehow, the media is reporting that she has an urge to look more like – well, herself. Thankfully, people are smart enough to shun the theory.

The Duchess has African ancestry from her mother, Doria Ragland's side. Her father, however, Thomas Markle happens to be a white man. Meghan is the perfect blend of her parents. She got a light skin tone but, the warmth of her complexion makes it clear that she is of mixed race.

How she identifies herself?

The Sussex stunner realizes she is a woman of color. During her 10-day tour to South Africa, she showed pride in her background and celebrated her identity.

While delivering a speech in Nyanga township of Cape Town, Meghan related herself to African ladies. She mentioned being black in the same breath as you mention her being a Royal. That's just who she is!

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During her vulnerable interview with tom Badby of ITV, the mother-of-one didn't mention her race. She preached people to be kind on the basis of humanity, not skin color. Meghan inspired compassion as a wife, a royal, a mother and a living being.

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Oddly, a media outlet, International Business Times has speculated that she uses an excessive amount of bronzer to emphasize her distinction - look more biracial.

People find the claim unreasonable and unfair

Social media users pointed out, Kate & Pippa Middleton do tanning as well. What's the big deal if allegedly Meghan has the same regime? Highlighting one's face is no conspiracy, no news!

Let the ladies contour to their heart's content. Meghan Markle puts on the makeup that suits her and of course, that makes her more like her. It's called intelligent skin coverage.

Meghan Markle