Kate Middleton Seen Playing With Her Hair At A Somber Event: Meghan Would've Been Judged For It, Fans Say

November 11, 2019

There is an ongoing tournament whether we admit or not: Meghan Markle vs. Kate Middleton. People are always comparing the two in terms of actions, style, and etiquette. But, are we being unfair?

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The Duchess of Sussex gets judged every step of the way. Naysayers vilify her as a royal, a mother and a wife. She has the same roles as the Duchess of Cambridge which is why it's all the more wrong.

The Insider magazine reported that when Meghan Markle wore wedge heels, it was considered a break of protocols. On Kate, it became "the most versatile shoes of the summer".

At the latest event

Along with the Royal Family, Meg and Kate observed Remembrance Day on Sunday, November 10. They honored the veterans and martyrs of world wars and other conflicts. The two duchesses donned rather dour outfits for the somber occasion.

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Prince Harry's wife was seen sharing a balcony with Countess of Wessex and her husband. While Kate joined Her Majesty and the Duchess of Cornwall, in order of precedence.

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Calling out double standards

The event made the internet unearth old footage from Rememberance memorial 2013. Kate Middleton was spotted being playful in public which is deemed inappropriate for senior Royals. She was carelessly twirling her hair.

Social media users pointed out if it was Meghan Markle, people would've brought on hell. Is it because she's black and not English? If she would've been this casual, criticism would've been unreasonably heavy.

It's about time the common folks learn to be just and compassionate. We appreciate the majority cutting Kate some slack. Let's do the same for Meghan. Share this and send both the ladies your love. They're doing great!

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