“Gingers Stick Together”: Prince Harry Took Baby Archie At Playground Where He Bonded With Other Red-Headed Kids, Reports Say

November 15, 2019 16:21

Prince Harry gushes about his little son Archie as he joined his offspring at a playground earlier this week. The proud dad revealed that Archie enjoys playing with other kids and making new friends.

Harry took Archie at a playground

Prince Harry is very busy with multiple royal engagements to attend weekly. But as a new dad, Harry tries to spend every spare minute with his wife and son. Such family moments are precious!

Recently, a source close to the royal family told Express that Harry accompanied baby Archie at a playground in Windsor earlier this week.

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The source reported that the Duke was delighted to see how his son bonded with other kids and even made a couple of red-headed pals.

Harry joked on this matter:

Gingers stick together!

How cute!

Meghan revealed Archie’s new milestones

A month ago, Meghan Markle opened up that she took Archie Harrison at his first playgroup class in Windsor.

The royal mom shared Archie’s impressions:

I just took Archie for his first class. It was a lot of fun. He loved it.

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At the same time, the Duchess revealed her son’s another huge milestone. It appears that baby Archie already has two teeth. So charming!

We can’t wait to hear little Archie saying his first word. What do you think it will be – ‘mom’, ‘dad’? Please share your suggestions in the comments and then we’ll see who guesses right.

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