Royal Fashionista Meghan Markle Is Trying To Show Her Status Via Expensive Outfits, According To A Psychologist

November 22, 2019 10:58

Did you know that our clothes can ‘say’ a lot about our personality? A famous psychologist took a look at Meghan Markle’s fashion choices and this is what she said.

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Meghan Markle’s style

Since she married Prince Harry and became a member of the British royal family, former American actress Meghan Markle has been constantly in a center of public interest.

Every public appearance of the Duchess of Sussex is widely discussed in the media. Her fashion choices and sense of style have made Meghan a style icon for millions of women worldwide.

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But according to a well-known psychologist Carolyn Mair, Meghan Markle’s style has a much deeper meaning and reveals what kind of person she is or wants to be. The expert said Meghan has been trying “to show her status via her clothes”.

Mair explained:

Perhaps she thinks by wearing expensive pieces she’ll be lauded for that.

The expert added:

I think Meghan is showing that she can dress this way. She’s making a statement to show she can actually afford to dress like that.

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Meghan’s ‘different identities’

Another fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen says Meghan Markle is using clothes to bridge the gap between her “different identities”.

Karen said about the Duchess:

I really believe she's trying to balance her new role and who she is as an American, a woman of colour and an actress.

Well, we are not psychologists but what we can say for sure is that Meghan Markle’s style has become an inspiration for a great number of women. The Duchess looks equally gorgeous in casual outfits or glamorous evening gowns with tiaras.

Duchess Meghan’s style and fashion choices are always the high score, but what’s more important - Meghan always remains herself no matter what she’s wearing.

Meghan Markle