Deviation From Tradition: Prince Harry Didn't Wear His Poppy Pin On His Lapel Like The Rest Of The Royal Family On Remembrance Day

November 13, 2019 17:14

While Prince Harry and Prince William may not have the closest relationship at the moment, the royal brothers did put duties first as they both showed up for the annual Remembrance Sunday service in London.

The Dukes had on their military uniforms and joined other servicemen and women who came out to pay tribute to the lives that were lost during the war.

This year's event was made even more special as it was the 100th anniversary of the first-ever two-minute silence which was observed in November 1919. The royal brothers were at the Cenotaph where they paid their respects.

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Poppy pin confusion

As Prince William and Prince Harry were photographed paying their respects, observers noticed that the Duke of Sussex wasn't wearing his poppy pin on his lapel like other members of the royal family.

The poppy refers to the artificial flowers that have been used since 1921 during the Remembrance Day events. The red pin was easy to spot on the lapels of others at the event which gave the impression that Prince Harry might have been deviating from tradition for some reason.

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However, Harry was wearing the poppy except that it was pinned above his left ear and to his Royal Marine cap. Why was his worn differently? One royal source told People that the Duke of Sussex was simply following the rules.

The source said that according to the rules of the Royal Marine, Harry has to wear his poppy on his cap, behind its badge

So, far from being rebellious, the Duke was actually doing exactly what he should have.

Royal fans react

Comments that followed this revelation showed that people didn't mind the positioning of the poppy and praised both Harry and William for their presence at the event.

The Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex have been present at these annual Remembrance Day activities for many years now. And royal supporters applaud the former military men for their continuing dedication to the meaningful occasion.

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