She Looks Fresh And Flirty! Duchess Camilla Ditches Usual Dark-Colored Style And Opts For Chic Pink Coat

November 6, 2019 17:30

Duchess Camilla's fashion choices have always been pretty fascinating to see. As a 72-year-old royal, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall doesn't shy away from wearing trendy and beautiful looks. Considering how fashionable the rest of the royal ladies are, Prince Charles' wife always holds her own.

In general, Camilla has always preferred toned-down looks which is understandable. As an elderly woman who will very likely be the Queen someday, one can see why she doesn't generally favor flashy colors. But then, this isn't a hard and fast rule.

The Duchess has been spotted a few times in bright colors and a recent appearance was one of those times.

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Duchess Camilla is pretty in pink

The gorgeous royal radiated joy and vibrancy when she and her husband, the Duke of Wales, visited the Swiss Cottage Farmers' Market in London.

The royal couple was there to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Farmers' Markets.

In a couple of videos shared by royal reporter Richard Palmer, Camilla could be seen wearing an overall pink-themed look. She had on a long pink coat and her outfit underneath appeared to be in the same shade as well.

In one video, the blond-haired Duchess could be seen cutting a cake to celebrate the occasion. She appeared to be so happy with her husband Prince Charles as they stood side-by-side, surrounded by an adoring crowd.

Compliments for Camilla

The royal's pink coat ignited a wave of approval and compliments from her fans, many of whom believe the color was a perfect choice.

We love seeing the Duchess looking so bright and happy. This outfit plus her overall cheerful demeanor with her husband by her side gave off some good vibes. And regarding her fashion, we have to say, pink looks fabulous on the royal lady.

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