Souvenir From The Duchess! Meghan Markle Had An Adorable Makeup Mishap With A 99-Year-Old Veteran At The Field Of Remembrance

November 8, 2019 12:50

On Thursday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Field of Remembrance event at Westminster Abbey to plant crosses in honor of the fallen soldiers. The royal couple also met with several veterans, which led to a funny encounter between the Duchess of Sussex and one of the attendees.

Meghan Markle suffers an adorable makeup mishap

The Duchess of Sussex is not immune to beauty fails just like us regular folks. Upon meeting with D-Day veteran William Allen, Meghan went in for a kiss on a cheek, but left the 99-year-old with another little souvenir.

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When Markle retreated, she noticed that she left a powder smudge on Allen's jacket, but he was very sweet about it. William told Daily Mail correspondent:

I'm never washing that!

What a sweet little moment! And of course Meghan's makeup remained flawless after the incident.

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Camilla Parker-Bowles were also supposed to be at the event

The Duchess of Cornwall were set to attend the Field of Remembrance, but unfortunately fell ill prior to it. Royal reported Rebecca English said Camilla could barely talk a week before the engagement, so she had to sit this one out.

Let's hope the Duchess feel better soon!

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