Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip’s Marriage Reached Impressive Milestone - The Couple Celebrated 72d Wedding Anniversary

November 20, 2019 14:09

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s marriage is something the royal couple can be proud of. The story of young Princess Elizabeth falling in love with a foreign soldier Prince Philip Mountbatten is worthy of its own romantic movie.

The two lovebirds first locked their eyes in 1939 when Elizabeth was just 13 and Phillip turned 18. According to Tatler, the future Queen ‘was truly in love’ as soon as she spotted the Greek Prince.

In November 1947, Elizabeth and Philip said their vows at Westminster Abbey and were proclaimed husband and wife.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s relationship has had its own ups and downs but the pair managed to survive all the storms and remained strong no matter what. And this year they have reached an impressive milestone together.

Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding anniversary

It’s been 72 years since Princess Elizabeth married her beloved Philip. The monarch can now boast the longest royal marriage in British history that managed to last throughout her 67-year reign.

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Her Majesty once lovingly said of her loyal husband:

He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years.

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On November 20, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip promised to love and cherish each other ‘till death them do apart.’ She was then a 21-year-old Princess and he was her 26-year-old groom.

The newlyweds made an iconic appearance on Buckingham Palace’s balcony which has become a tradition that has been followed by many royal couples since then, including Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the Cambridges.

Fans congratulate the couple with their wedding anniversary

Not many couples can boast a 72-year marriage, not even in the royal family. But the Queen and her beloved husband set a wonderful example, showing that true love can conquer all.

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