An Emotional Queen Elizabeth Spotted Wiping A Tear From Her Cheek As Kate Middleton Stands Solemnly Beside Her On Remembrance Day

November 11, 2019 14:46

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth seem to have a close relationship. The two royals have been spotted out and about a bunch of times and have been seen laughing and chatting with each other as well.

Body Language expert Judy James once revealed to TheExpress that even though Her Majesty's relationship with Kate had a rough start when she was still dating William, things have gotten better with them now.

Throughout the years that followed, Kate learned to mirror some of the Queen's body language which, according to James, could have played a part in helping them bond.

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A rare show of emotion

Recently, both Kate and Her Majesty did have another reason to stand together but not necessarily in a humorous way.

The Queen, Duchess Kate and Duchess Camilla all stood on the same balcony watching the proceedings on Remembrance Sunday 2019.

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Kate Middleton and Camilla looked appropriately solemn. However, at one point, The Queen was so overtaken with emotions that she had to wipe a tear from her eyes.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked close to tears too and it's easy to spot the strong and sad expression on her own face.

It's understandable that all three royals looked to be on the verge of tears considering the fact that the occasion was to honor those who lost their lives during World War I.

Social media reacts

Seeing this touching moment sure moved some royal followers who got to see the human side of Her Majesty.

@Julia Duker:

Fantastic lady so proud to have her as our Queen.

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@ XxLesley Sellman:

She is a human with feelings. People seem to forget this.

@Laurence William:

Harvey Fantastic lady. And don't forget the royal family bring billions into this country each and every year.

@Brenda Birks:

It is an emotional time for a lot of people to shed a tear including the queen.

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Queen Elizabeth has been known to be very stoic and controlled especially during public appearances. But such a strong show of emotion by the monarch recently was an important reminder that despite being the Queen, she's also a human being who can be moved to tears in certain situations.

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