“What A Bad Uncle I Am”: Prince Harry Opens Up About His Relationship With William And Kate’s Kids, According To A Royal Biography

November 22, 2019 13:53

Prince Harry once confessed he is “a bad uncle” to his brother William’s kids, according to a royal documentary. What could make Harry say so?

‘Bad uncle’ Harry

In recent months, multiple outlets keep reporting about the feud between royal brothers William and Harry.

Prince Harry gave another hint to suggest the rift when he mentioned that he and William “are on different paths” in his latest interview.

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But fans could never imagine that Harry has a tense relationship not just with his elder sibling but with William and Kate’s kids too.

A royal expert Angela Levin revealed in Prince Harry’s documentary that the Duke once confessed he was a bad uncle. Angela explained that Harry missed Charlotte’s christening as that time he was in Africa.

Levin wrote:

He felt rather guilty. He added: ‘I should really be there, but today I am here, this is where I want to be.’

Then, Harry said:

What a bad uncle I am!

Previously, Angela Levin also mentioned that Harry’s attitude toward his niece and nephews could get worse as due to Kate and William's three children, his rank has descended to sixth.

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The expert wrote:

He said, all too soon George and Charlotte will be hogging all the films.

What do you think about the biographer’s words? Could Harry, indeed, be a bad uncle to William and Kate’s children? We look forward to hearing your opinions.

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