Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are "Pulling Into Themselves" And Disconnecting From The Public, According To Body Language Expert

November 8, 2019 13:04

Meghan and Harry's body language can tell a lot about their feelings, not just for each other but for the public in general. We can also learn a lot from the things the pair has said in public.

The royal couple recently opened up about their personal struggles. Meghan admitted that she wasn't okay with the constant public criticism and Harry confessed that things were tough between him and his brother, William.

Their decision to express their feelings to the public went against the royal family's policy of "never complain, never explain," which some people found to be in bad taste.

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Meghan and Harry's body language during a recent appearance

Since making these revelations about their personal lives, fans have been very watchful of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in public to see if the royal couple will give more indications of their feelings and emotions.

Harry and Meghan recently attended the annual Remembrance Day event at Westminster Abbey. This is a day where royal family members honor the achievements made in war.

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Body language expert Blanca Cobb analyzed the couple's expressions and behavior at this event and concluded that their relationship with the public has certainly changed.

Cobb explained that Meghan Markle seemed to be focused in her own world with Harry "at the center of it."

It’s really obvious there’s only one person who has Meghan’s attention, and that’s her husband, Harry.

Cobb went on to add that pictures taken from the event showed that "they're pulling into themselves" and even though they still intend to engage with the public, they will do so at "at a distance."

Another image showed Harry and Meghan walking with each other at the ceremony. Here, Cobb believed that Harry was trying to keep a protective eye on Meghan.

This picture shows a polite disconnect from the public. Meghan is looking down, but Harry is looking in Meghan’s direction. Meghan is the only person who is truly behind Harry, so it’s safe to say he is checking in on his wife.

Cobb also theorized about one last photo of both Meghan and Harry looking away from the cameras. The body language expert opined that it was another example of them pulling away from the public.

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Meghan and Harry take a break

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have faced some tough times recently so it makes sense that they have decided to take a six-week break away from the limelight and from official royal duties.

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With the pressure they are facing, they sure need this time away

Judging from these recent pictures, Harry and Meghan are still very much into each other but based on Cobb's opinion, they aren't exactly in the mood to connect with the public. Hopefully, taking a much-needed break will get them back in the swing of things.

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